This page is designed to share my PE journey and share the experiences that I have had, while hopefully providing resources and games that can be implemented into your PE programs wherever you may be reading from.


After years of coaching Junior Baseball and working at an Indoor Sports Center, I decided that teaching PE was a path that I would love to go down. After completing VCE, I completed a Bachelor of Sport and Outdoor Recreation and a Bachelor of Education at Monash University.

Following the completion of my degree, I took off abroad to gain experience that I felt I could not gain on Australian soil. I ventured over to the United States of America and worked at the International Sports Training Camp (an American Summer Camp, just like the movies). The camp prides itself on teaching life skills to campers through the vehicle of sports. The delivery of sports sessions is based heavily on including all campers, making sessions fun and engaging, and most of all, creating campers that display excellent teamwork, cooperation, and sportsmanship.

After working as a Coach for two years and spending one as an Athletic Director at the camp, I returned to Australia and landed my first "real" job as a Primary School Physical Education teacher.

For the past 5 years, I have continued to grow as an individual, teacher, and leader within this Primary PE role. I have been a Specialist team leader for 2 years within my school and have also branched out and presented at numerous Health & PE Conferences, both in Australia and abroad.


I believe PE lessons should be inclusive of all students - regardless of their skill set. I believe that PE should be a fun, engaging, energetic, and enjoyable experience for all students. In a time where the Mental and Physical health of students is paramount, I believe that Physical Education can have an enormously positive impact on the lives of students. I see each lesson as a chance to help students develop a positive and long-lasting relationship with Physical Activity. I believe that Primary PE is an avenue that, when delivered in a conscious manner, can equip students with the tools required to be successful in their years post Primary school by teaching resilience, cooperation, responsibility, and much much more.

In a nutshell, I believe Primary PE should be FUN:

  • Fundamental Movements Skills should be taught to all

  • Universally inclusive of all students, and

  • N - gaging lessons so all students are kept active in a meaningful way