'PE Blast' Workshop

The 'PE Blast' workshop is aimed at Sporting Clubs & Schools, with a specific focus on Coaches, Classroom Teachers & Physical Education Teachers. Through this Workshop, those in attendance will be introduced to fun & exciting ways to engage & motivate Athletes/Students & will walk away with an array of games & activities that can be implemented into their sessions the very next chance they get.

Minimum Number of Participants: 12

TEAM Workshop

The TEAM Workshop is designed in order to create stronger connections among workplace teams. The session is focused on building connections, and learning about strengths, weaknesses, and the WHY of others. This interactive session is sure to get you out of your comfort zone, as we move & laugh our way to creating solid connections and a united TEAM.

Minimum Number of Participants: 12

A, B, C, easy as 1, 2, 3.
Active Literacy and Numeracy Games for the Whole School

This workshop will equip participants with active Literacy and Numeracy games that can be used with the whole school. Whether it be within a PE lesson, Year Level sport, or within the Classroom, these games are sure to get you moving, while thinking of Literacy & Numeracy. All games are based upon simple movement games, with a slight Literacy or Numeracy twist that your students are sure to love.

Minimum Number of Participants: 12

Feedback from sessions at the following;
ACHPER Victoria - Primary Conference - 2022 - ACHPER Victoria - Teachers in Action Virtual Conference - 2021 - PHASE-global Online Conference - 2021 - Charged Up Education Online Conference - 2021 - TeachMeet #Melb Online Conference - 2020 - Teach Meet South-East Primary Online Conference - 2020 - PHASE (Hong Kong) Physical Education Conference - 2019 - PPS Staff - 2019 - ACHPER Victoria Conference - 2017 - 2019

"Have to say I am one of those people who cringe at the mention of games. This morning was great and I never felt like all eyes were on me or out of my comfort zone for an old duck. Great job and thank you!"

"Great session, lots of good ideas and easy to implement."

"Great games that are simple and easy to follow. Good games to run with new classes as get to know you."

"The lads were great, engaging and had some great ideas."

"Great games/resources to take back to my school. Loved the variety."

"This session was extremely helpful! Love hearing about different games that I can bring to my PE sessions. Thank you!"

"A fantastic selection of games I will definitely be using straight away!"